Training and Business School



Our trainings are built to meet the specific needs of customers. Our collaborative and customized process contributes to transform, in a positive way, the organizational reality acting in the following areas: Organizational Identity, Strategic Planning, Relationships and teams, Governance and people development, Organizational structure, Processes .

Every work is set up from a concept of integral human being where, through conscious attitudes, it is possible to transform the reality and to evolve.

For that reason, we use andragogy in order to provide our clients with the experience of "learning by doing", enabling training participants to develop themselves in the field of thinking, feeling and acting. These are the bases for self-knowledge, learning, appropriation of new knowledge and the implementation of new practices.



The development of organizations and individuals occurs in parallel with the learning process and the Nexo methodology takes into account these two processes:

  • Undertake the changes: plan and implement;

  • Identify and address the development issues of the members involved to facilitate their implementation

The approach is guided by Goethe's scientific methodology, including observation and art in the construction of knowledge, from three basic steps:

  • Recognize reality (generating facts of identified issues);

  • Integrate: understand the needs of the various parties involved;

  • Renew: create solutions together for the identified issues.



Leaders Development Program

Training program for leaders who are interested in developing their skills in planning, process management, people development, financial management, to achieve results in resonance with the purpose of the organization.


  • Understand the need for a clear purpose for the organization;

  • Develop principles and policies that generate harmony in the relationship with its stakeholders;

  • Define and plan the implementation of an operational strategy for your business;

  • Implement governance processes that enable interaction between the different hierarchical levels to recognize, integrate and renew the organization's way of acting;

  • Design structures that allow the implementation and sustainability of the strategy;

  • Map processes to make them more secure, fluid and efficient, integrating the areas involved;

  • Financial and budgetary analysis as a tool for managing and recognizing the effectiveness of the  Organization`s vision for the future.