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Organizational Structure

Design of structures aligned with the organization's strategies and processes

  • We support the construction of the structure of people in the organizations, in such way that the same can support the execution of the processes, guaranteeing the programmed deliveries in the strategic planning:

  • We facilitate the finding of an ideal structure model, giving the opportunity for discussions and trials to the group of leaders and mentors. That facilitates the flow of the processes, observing also what allows agile and assertive decisions:

  • We map the profile of people with the aim of positioning them in the structure, matching, in this way, the needs of the function with the behavioral profile that will best respond, with fluency and well being, in a certain position of that structure;

  • We develop maps of competencies aligned to the identity and organizational strategy, with the objective of supporting the selection, development and evaluation processes.

  • We promote the development of Individual Development Plans (IDP) to assist the development of competencies and ensure a differentiated performance;

  • We elaborated an Organizational Development Plan (ODP) for the fulfillment of demands from the new structure and / or innovation needs focusing the Strategic Planning.