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Relations and team

Integrated teams with capacity to deal with conflicts and negotiations

  • We use world-renowned Asessment methodologies such as Insights, DISC, MBTI, Hallos for mapping behavioral and competency profiles, which lead to Individual Development Plans (IDPs);

  • We work to facilitate self-knowledge to optimize the application of individual talents in search of the scope of personal and professional objectives or, in addition, supplying the needs of complementary skills in a team;

  • We facilitate the integration of people in their teams, as well as work on the interaction between teams, in order to make possible the achievement of common objectives;

  • We provide the development of capacities to attend the need to deal with negotiations;

  • We promote the development of skills to mediate conflict situations, based on the understanding of the facts, feelings involved and needs established in each of the sides, so that, consciously, each one can find effective actions that enable agreements and experiences of win-win relationship.